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GSoC 2019 - Week 4

This was the fourth week meeting with the GSoC mentors which was scheduled on Sunday 22th June, 2019 between 12:30 - 01:30 PM (IST). Me and Yathartha were the attendees of the meeting.

  • Discussing previous week’s progress

In the previous week many things happened very suddenly. In the starting of the week it was decided that we had to create a function power_list which could return powers. So I thought to create this type of function as a new feature in this PR #17043. But as @jksoum and @smichr advised that this function can act as helper function in bivariate itself so it was decided to make it as helper function there. And we discussed the code for handling modular equations also.

  • Next week goals

  • Implementing and get plan for defining imageset union

As per the timeline we decided that Imageset Union should be defined first rather than code for handling nested trigonometric equation solver. So according to timeline this week goes for discussion and getting plan for implementing imageset union. A PR #17079 is also started based on fundamental approach to solve the problem.

  • Getting merge Lambert Solver

Most of the work had been done only a little improvement is to be done in power_list function. Hope it gets merged by this week.

Code improvement takes time!!

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