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GSoC 2019 - Week 2

This was the second week meeting with the GSoC mentors which was scheduled on Saturday 8th June, 2019 between 12:00 - 01:00 PM (IST). Me, Amit, Yathartha and Harsh were the attendees of the meeting. It was a surprise having Harsh on this meeting. In this meeting we mainly discussed about how to integrate lambert another way because the existing method in PR #16890 is not trustworthy and upto the mark. So this week I will try to implement the method or approach told by Yathartha. Important lesson learned in this meeting was that the method that I implement should have these following qualities to be a better software developer:-

  • Proof Of Correctness

This is very important because I should have a plan before I get to code. Many things already get straightened up while planning for what to implement and it ultimately reduces coding time and let us get a more accurate and concrete code.

  • Clean and Understandable Code

This factor is also very important to write a code that is easily understandable. It is better for us as well as it also persuade new contributors easily who are willing to contribute.

  • Extensible Code

A well written code is always extensible. Proper techniques should be learned to write an extensible code rather than a code that looks like patch.

In this week I also started a PR #16976 to handle modular equations.
It was a worth it meeting because I got to learn various important and necessary qualities from all of the mentors. Harsh was also glad that we were trying to focus on well written clean code.

A lot more to learn and implement :) !!

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