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GSoC 2019 - Community bonding period

My first meeting with the GSoC mentors was on Saturday 18th May, 2019 scheduled between 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (IST). Me, Amit and Yathartha were the attendees of the meeting. As per the community bonding period the first meeting was meant to increase the familiarity between me and my mentors and we also discussed about completing lambert solver. Major points discussed in the meeting are:-

  • Schedule and frequency of meetings.

  • How to proceed with completing lambert, understanding existing code and writing tests for it.

As of now I have looked few things:

  • How lambert works in bivariate.

  • How equations are converted to target equation.

  • Filtering out the tests to include all solutions.

  • What will be the flow to fix this problem.

In the previous days I have been understanding the flow of bivariate along with solve and solveset. It might take time for me to go through it and arrive at a good plan but I am trying to learn the art of general aspects of a open source software. I believe in understanding rather than rushing. The mentors were very kind and helpfull.

Hope things go as planned!!

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