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Breaking to blogging life

Hey you! Yes you !! I believe in you that you can read this full blogpost without leaving me alone here. Nah! I am just messing with you. Well buddy the truth is its my first blog post and I am really nervous about it. Some of you guys might be catching my grammar mistakes, Huh! for them - chup chap blog ki feel lo zada einstein mat bano. Hmm you might be thinking why I am blogging, well buddy you might be able to think of a situation in your past where - Na chahte hue bhi life kaam karwaye. Hmm this is the one for me, I am starting this blog for Google Summer of Code 2019 in SymPy organisation. For the next 3 months I will be blogging, no no no it doesn’t meant you to see every blog of mine. Well this was the reason for me starting the blog, I guess you had not known me very much, so let the next upcoming blog be more focus on introducing me. Note for beautiful interested girls - next blog can be also used as kundli for matching :). Hahaha just kiddin! So guys let me take a leave from you - ab sara time tumhare saath thodi betha rhunga. All the best guys!! Bye!!

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